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MEBA high performance spray oil HL 30

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  • F KÜHL20005
Oxidation-stable, light high-performance oil for metalworking The oil is sprayed... more
Product information "MEBA high performance spray oil HL 30"

Oxidation-stable, light high-performance oil for metalworking

The oil is sprayed undiluted. Compared to conventional coolants (tap water with additives), this product has a high lubricating performance, therefore the friction on the tool is reduced. The reduced cooling effect due to the use of spray oil, is compensated by our high-performance bandsaw blades (bi-metal bandsaw blade).


  • No disposal costs
  • Economical application (environmentally friendly)
  • High surface quality
  • Reduction of cleaning effort
  • Avoidance of leakage of cooling emulsion
  • Better cutting performance
  • Biodegradable (>95%)
  • Free of CI,S,PC,B,phenol and heavy metals
  • No health hazard ingredients


  • Based on vegetable oil and selected additives
  • Not subject to labelling  


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29 Mar 2021


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