Robot-assisted sawing for companies of every size.
Changeover possible in just 5 minutes.

With the integration of MEBArobots many worksteps are being automated. MEBArobots is not a standard solution, but a customer specific solution: You are in charge of deciding. The robot is connected to the sawing machine and fulfils its duties reliably around the clock.

You are of the opinion that your company is too small for a robot? Let us convince you of the contrary.
MEBArobots allows you an easy entry into automation. The system can be used flexibly. The MEBArobots system enables quick changes for different dimensions of parts. The changeover is possible in less than 5 minutes.

The robot solution from MEBA is space-saving and pragmatic and offers therefore companies of all sizes more flexibility in production and personnel planning. The robot guarantees you additionally and high standard of work and a higher productivity. The integration of the robot into a MEBA sawing machine is simple and intuitively feasible. The operation is easy and the system disposes of different applications. Fast changes for parts of different dimensions are also possible via the MEBArobots system.

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Worksteps such as section handling, post processing, quality assurance and quality control are being automated through the integration of MEBArobots. For the automated worksteps no employees are needed.

A huge advantage of the robot is its 24/7 availability. He shows no downtime and works flexibly through various tasks at a constant level. Your employees have therefore more time for other important tasks.

  • Easy entry into automation
  • For companies of every size
  • Increase in productivity
  • Highly flexible thanks to fast changeover
  • Lower costs
  • More flexibility for production and personnel planning
  • High production standards: 24/7
  • High profitability: short-term ROI
  • Closing interfaces
  • Individualized solutions

Benefit also from attractive financing and funding opportunities.

Why MEBArobots

  • Selected sowing specialists worked on the robot solution
  • Not just any robot is connected to the sawing machine: MEBA and Nachi, both renowned companies in each sector cooperated on this project. The outcome is a perfectly working combined machine.
  • You get an integrated solution: the parameters of a new piece are being automatically transferred to the robot
  • MEBArobots is a professional modular system with customisation options and not a standard solution
  • You get customised solutions from a single source
  • specially in a smaller company or even with small series, you get maximum flexibility and a high level of cost-effectiveness, as the changeover times are extremely short

Technical Data

MEBArobots is based on an high-end modular system. Your requirements can be optimally implemented if they are within the framework of the following parameters:

  • Six-axis robot
  • 1-25kg load capacity
  • 350-1882mm reach
  • Up to 0.2 mm repeatability
  • Different grippers depending on the requirements
  • Robot control integrated into the sawing machine control

You need additional customisations? Just talk to us – further customer adaptations are possible.

Additional Information

“Pick and Place”: to grab pieces and position them is the main task of the MEBArobot.

The modular system offers options for individualisation. Depending on the demands, the MEBArobot can also execute tasks such as:

  • Cleaning with high pressure – for clean and chip-free pieces
  • Quality check: e.g. weight and surface inspection
  • Deburring
  • Labelling: for tracking individual production steps



Straight cut machines for series cutting in continuous operation:

MEBApro 260 AP

typestraight cutting bandsaw 90°
sawing processautomatic
max. cutting capacity∅ 260 mm
max. cutting capacity↔ 300 mm
max. cutting capacity↕ 260 mm

further information MEBApro 260 AP

MEBApro 300 A

typestraight cutting bandsaw 90°
sawing processautomatic
max. cutting capacity∅ 300 mm
max. cutting capacity↔ 300 mm
max. cutting capacity↕ 300 mm

further information MEBApro 300 A

MEBAmat 330

typestraight cutting bandsaw 90°
sawing processautomatic
max. cutting capacity∅ 330 mm
max. cutting capacity↔ 350 mm
max. cutting capacity↕ 330 mm

further information MEBAmat 330

MEBAmat 434

typestraight cutting bandsaw 90°
sawing processautomatic
max. cutting capacity∅ 434 mm
max. cutting capacity↔ 434 mm
max. cutting capacity↕ 434 mm

further information MEBAmat 434


Do you have questions about our MEBArobots?

We will gladly answer any questions and look forward to getting in touch with you.


Another MEBAtipp

You already have a MEBA machine or a sawing machine from another company? MEBArobots can be upgraded for machines from any company, according to your demands.