MEBAratio 200

Product information

type Straight cutting bandsaw 90°
sawing process semi-automatic
automation single-cut
max. cutting capacity Ø 200 mm
max. cutting capacity 200 mm
max. cutting capacity 200 mm

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Cutting capacity Ømm mm
90° 200 200 x 200
Motor [kW] 2,2
Saw blade [mm] 4100 x 27 x 0,9
Sawblade speed [m/min] 20-75
Dimensions [mm] (length x width x height) 1350 x 2050 x 1590
Weight [kg] 620
Material weight [kg/m] max. 250
Working height [mm] 750

Standard equipment

  • High efficiency power transmission to saw thru directly coupled geared motor
  • Saw frame movement on pre-hardened linear motion guides for smooth movement
  • Special bearing housing with heavy duty angular contact bearing to isolate the gear box from the load of blade tensioning
  • Saw frame rotation on a specially designed bearing housing with hydraulic locking facility
  • Angles to be set manually
  • Variable frequency drive to set the blade speed precisely depending on the material
  • Mechanical main vice with eccentric movement for faster and easier clamping
  • State of the art of manual blade tensioning
  • Infinitely variable feed control valve for setting the cutting rate
  • Friction type rotating cleaning wire brush
  • Specially designed blade guide arm with internal coolant fl ow for better cooling and lubrication of blade as well as improved life of carbide wear plates
  • Separate hydraulic power pack for easy maintenance with a tank of 10 liter
  • Ergonomically designed electrical console
  • Separate coolant tank with pump
  • Movable blade guide arm for precise cutting and better tool life
  • Machine stops automatically after completion of the cut