MEBA is producing Metal Bandsawing machines of excellent quality. We meet the requirements also on the issue of spare parts. Please contact our Service Team!

Form for return deliveries to MEBA

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Sales Support Spares/Tools/Services

Phone.: 07333 / 9644-10

Manuela Sailer
Sales Support S/T/S

Vertriebsbetreuung Export S/T/S

Phone.: 07333 / 9644-16

Ivonne Silberhorn
Sales Support Export S/T/S

Sales Support Spares/Tools/Services

Phone.: 07333 / 9644-49

Anette Reutlinger
Sales Support S/T/S

Trainee Sales Support Export S/T/S

Phone.: 07333 / 9644-48

Isabell Binder
Trainee Sales Support Export

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