MEBAtop 1020 DGP

Product information

type Double mitre-cut bandsaw 30°-135°
sawing process semi-automatic
automation single-cut
max. cutting capacity Ø 510 mm
max. cutting capacity 1020 mm
max. cutting capacity 510 mm

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  • Unique mitre bearing above the material achieves unequalled advantages:
    - Wide swivel range up to ±30° on both sides
    - Material can be fed from either side of machine
    - The material is always clamped at 90 °to the blade
    - Almost no remaining pieces
  • Extremely rugged and powerful saw blade drive
  • Continous and driven material roller track until close to the saw blade:
    Short sections are carried in and out of the machine smooth and problem-free
  • Liftable vice on the material lay-on edge for a frictionless material handling
  • In combination with a drill, MEBAtop achieves a unique productivity.
  • In co-operation with Peddinghaus Corporation we have been designing and building successfull sawing-drilling plants throughout the world, for many years.
Cutting capacity Ømm mm
90° 510 1020 x 510
45° right 510 670 x 510
45° left 510 750 x 510
30° right 400 400 x 510
30° left 500 500 x 510
Motor [kW] 14,5
Saw blade [mm] 9800 x 67 x 1,6
Sawblade speed [m/min] 15-150
Dimensions [mm] (length x width x height) 3650 x 5800 x 3000
Material weight [kg/m] max. 500
Working height [mm] 630

Standard equipment

  • Wide swivel range up to ±30° on both sides
  • Digital mitre display 30°-135°
  • Because the swivel bearing and mitre measuring and locking systems are mounted overhead, they are clear of contamination from chips and coolant
  • Stepless cutting speed by AC-drive
  • Saw blade guidance can be adjusted to material width
  • Driven saw blade cleaning brush
  • MEBA comfort package: NC mitre swivelling by program input, movable, hydraulic guide arm, the compact design allows material flow in either direction.