MEBAswing 260 DG

Product information

type Double mitre-cut bandsaw 30°-135°
sawing process manual
automation single-cut
max. cutting capacity Ø 260 mm
max. cutting capacity 300 mm
max. cutting capacity 260 mm

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  • Compact design
  • Swivelling area +/- 30° on both sides
Cutting capacity Ømm mm
90° 260 300 x 260
45° left/right 200 180 x 180
30° left/right 130 120 x 120
Motor [kW] 1,1/1,8
Saw blade [mm] 3350 x 27 x 0,9
Sawblade speed [m/min] 35/75
Dimensions [mm] (length x width x height) 800 x 1720 x 1450
Material weight [kg/m] max. 150
Working height [mm] 900

Standard equipment

  • Fast adjustment of mitre, stepless from 30°-150°
  • Accuracy indication on scale. The swivel is directly above the intersection of saw blade and fix vice jaw so that there is a datum measuring point which does not change with the mitre angle
  • Stepless cutting pressure regulation through weight of the heavy and rigid saw frame and the fine tuning depending on cross-section by hydraulic damping cylinder
  • Flood coolant unit is standard. It can be supplemented optionally by an environmentally friendly micro sprayer system

Extra equipment

  • Hydraulic lift up of saw frame