MEBAsteel 1250 DG

Product information

type Double mitre-cut bandsaw 30°-135°
sawing process semi-automatic
automation single-cut
max. cutting capacity Ø 620 mm
max. cutting capacity 1250 mm
max. cutting capacity 520 mm

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  • All-in-one-concept: The bandsaw plant is already equipped with all significant functions
  • Material can be fed from either side of machine
  • NC mitre swivelling  ±30° in both right and left directions
  • Powerful saw blade drive
  • Innovative electric saw feed by ball screw technique: An innovative electric saw feed by ball screw technique provides ultimate cutting performance and quality while minimizing blade wear
  • Uses latest linear ball guideways to provide solid, smooth-running, highly stressable and maintenance-free performance
  • Environmentally-friendly micro spray lubrication system
  • 7° attack angle for extreme and fast sawing


Cutting capacity Ømm mm
90° 620 1250 x 520
45° left/right 560 800 x 520
30° left/right 520 550 x 520
Motor [kW] 14,5
Saw blade [mm] 10000 x 67 x 1,6
Sawblade speed [m/min] 15-150
Dimensions [mm] (length x width x height) 2450 x 4700 x 2850
Material weight [kg/m] max. 0
Working height [mm] 630

Standard equipment

  • NC-Electric mitre swivelling 30°-150° (+/- 60°)
  • Hydraulic material full-stroke clamping
  • Powerful AC-saw drive for high efficiency coupled with low power consumption
  • Automatic adjustment of saw blade guidance to material width
  • Hydraulic saw blade tension
  • Minimum speed- and saw blade control on the bandwheel
  • Free standing control panel
  • Electronic SPS-control