MEBApro CREA DRILL with drill

Product information

type Mitre-cut bandsaw 30°-90°
sawing process semi-automatic
automation single-cut
max. cutting capacity Ø 260 mm
max. cutting capacity 300 mm
max. cutting capacity 260 mm

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  • Bundespreis 2011 Combination of MEBApro bandsaw with Crea-Drill drill and automatically movable MEBA length measuring system
  • Manufacturing of components continually, material can be precision cut and drilled without removing from the machine, cutting down on time and without dimensional inaccuraces
  • Space-saving high-tech machine combines efficient sawing, drilling and measuring, even for small parts and small lot sizes.
  • Saw frame is mounted on linear vertical guides and on a rigid and unique portal frame: swivel bearing, mitre measuring and locking systems are clear of contamination from chips and coolant but yet are easily accessible for maintenance.
  • Length input by NC dialog control
  • Automatic length correction at mitre cuts
Cutting capacity Ømm mm
90° 260 300 x 260
45° right 230 220 x 260
30° right 140 140 x 200
Motor [kW] 1,5
Sawblade speed [m/min] 15 / 150
Dimensions [mm] (length x width x height) 2150 x 1650 x 1850
Weight [kg] 625
Material weight [kg/m] max. 250
Working height [mm] 750


Actual power output[W] 1900
Number of gears 3
Nominal torque driving speed [Nm] 4-20 Nm
Number of revolutions [U/min] 250-3300
Chuck [mm] 3-16
Core drill [mm] 60

MEBA length measuring unit MLA:

Measuring length [mm] 3000
Length of bar [mm] 3400
Accuracy of positioning [mm] 0,1 by servo drive


Standard equipment

MEBApro 260 GP:

  • Stable portal frame construction, 2-column-guided
  • Stepless adjustable AC-drive
  • Digital mitre display 90°-30°
  • Environmentally-friendly micro spray lubrication system
  • Integrated material support with 2m roller track


  • Environmental friendly and clean micro spray lubrication system
  • High torque (3 gear speeds)

MEBA length measuring unit MLA:

  • Accurate and free moving linear guidance
  • Length positioning by servo-drive
  • Pneumatically position clamping
  • Length entry by NC-dialog control
  • Stop extension for displacing the zero point between sawing- and drilling operation
  • Automatic relieve of stop plate
  • Pneumatic lifting and lowering of the stop arm
  • Automatic length correction at mitre cuts