MEBApro 260 AP

Product information

type Straight cutting bandsaw 90°
sawing process automatic
automation serial-cut
max. cutting capacity Ø 260 mm
max. cutting capacity 300 mm
max. cutting capacity 260 mm

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  • 90° automatic straight cutting bandsaw
  • Simple and easy to use NC-control
  • Innovative electric saw feed with ball screw technique: provides ultimate cutting performance and quality while minimizing blade wear
  • Powerful infeed gripper
  • Stepless, frequency-contolled saw blade drive
  • Enclosed design giving safety and protection against chips, coolant and dirt
  • Uses latest linear ball guideways to provide solid, smooth-running, highly stressable and maintenance-free performance
Cutting capacity Ømm mm
90° 260 300 x 260
Motor [kW] 1,5
Saw blade [mm] 3700 x 27 x 0,9
Sawblade speed [m/min] 15-150
Dimensions [mm] (length x width x height) 1500 x 1800 x 1850
Material weight [kg/m] max. 250
Working height [mm] 750

Standard equipment

  • Stable portal frame construction, 2-column-guided
  • Stepplessly adjustable AC drive (15-150m/min.)
  • NC-controlled, automatic infeed with hydraulic material full-stroke clamping
  • Material infeed without re-clamping of material at short sections
  • Automatic adjustment of saw blade guidance to material width
  • Driven saw blade cleaning brush